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Single Balloon Enema Retention Nozzle Balloon retention style nozzle inflator & valve Balloon retention style nozzle inflator & valve
Single Balloon Enema Retention NozzleNew Black Inflation Bulb & Valve Upgrade For Balloon NozzlesReplacement or Valve Upgrade For Balloon Enema Nozzles

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GBR228-16'' Colon Tube Model Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone Nozzle Blue Cavall
GBR228-16'' Colon TubeModel Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone NozzleCavall 9" Fantasy/Alien Style Nozzle

This is our newly designed 16'' GBR228! It has identical dimensions as the selectable length CT-228 but we have made a shorter model after few requests. Through the selectable options in the drop list boxes you can choose the level of softness,...

We have had many requests for a larger model Y and we now have a brand new 2’’ ball diameter nozzle. We hope that this new size will be much more enjoyable for everyone. This great new nozzle starts with a tip diameter of...

This newly designed piece is truly out of this world! "Cavall" is another one of our fantastic hand-crafted pieces. It has been lovingly designed to be as "realistic" as possible while also being very unique. Cavall is very smooth feeling,...




5/16" to 5/16" tubing barb connector
Nozzle or Colon Tube Hangers

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