Single Balloon Enema Retention Nozzle
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Single Balloon Enema Retention Nozzle

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The first in a series of what we hope will become the defacto standard in balloon enema retention nozzles. This is the single balloon retention style enema nozzle with a slightly ribbed extended distal tip. The overall length of the nozzle is approximately 12.5" inches with an insertion depth of 11.5" inches. This nozzle was designed to place the tip of the nozzle into the lower sigmoid colon chamber with the balloon seating itself in the rectum. This balloon will expand to well over 1,000 ml and should easily adapt itself to any and all contours of the rectum. Unlike the other balloon nozzles on the market we have chosen a different balloon design and we use an entirely different silicone formula for the balloon construction. This silicone is much more flexible and forgiving much like latex, however, be assured this is a 100% silicone product. These balloons should last a very long time and not fail with proper cleaning and care. Only time will tell but we have complete confidence on our new design and silicone formulation. The balloons are attached to the body of the nozzle with a specially formulated adhesive as well and completely safe after proper curing and sanitizing prior to shipping.

The diameter of the tip varies due to the ribbed design and is approximately 1" in diameter and just under 5.5" long. It has a 1/4" open core for liquid flow and the opening is centered at the round tapered tip. The inflated balloon is approximetly 4" long and will expand beyond 5" in diameter. There is a short 1" diameter by 1.5" long valley behind the balloon prior to the expanded 2" diameter tapered safety flange at the external end of the nozzle. These nozzles are constructed of #10 shore A hardness for the best flexibility and firmness. There is a 1/4" inch opening in the flange for connection to your existing enema equipment tubing and a 1/8" opening for the connection of the inflator tubing. The nozzles currently come with 24" of inflator tubing and connector for attachment to nozzle. The open end of tubing should fit your existing bulb style inflators. If you don't have an enema nozzle inflator you can select "Add to Order" in the bottom drop box and you can get our inflation bulb for two dollars off the regular site price.

All nozzles are currently only available in white but we are looking into offering color variations soon. 

Thank you again and we hope these new nozzles live up to your anticipated expectations. 

Additional designs with multiple balloons will be forth coming in 2018.

Note: When inflated outside the rectum the bolloon my distort to some degree and inflate larger on one side than the other. This is just the nature of balloon inflations in general. Once inserted the balloon will seat itself and conform to the contours of each individuals rectal anatomy.


Disclaimer: Inflatable appliances should always be used with extreme care. With proper use this appliance should give you years of service. It can be cleaned and sanitized using the same procedures we recommend for all our Platinum Cure Silicones. It is recommended that it be used for one individual, however, it should be super sanitized/sterilized if used on more than one individual. We will not be held responsible for any misuse or possible cross contamination attributed to the use of this product and you purchase it at your own discretion and risk.

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