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Single Smooth Balloon Inflatable Nozzle - SNGLBLNNZL-1SM

There are very helpful reviews on almost all of our products, so please check them out if you are wondering what they are like and how effectively they work. They provide great insights into how the products function and feel. Thank you again for your loyalty, patience and understanding. We continue to be excited in bringing these unique personal products to all of you.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to offer our unique items to you! We produce a wide array of pieces made from the highest quality materials and hand crafted by our skilled technicians. Most all of our products can be ordered in colors and different levels of softness to your personal preferences. Other options that are offered will be available for selection in the drop down boxes for each item as well. We cannot customize pieces by changing the shape or adding differnet shapes to existing pieces. That requires developing an entirely new piece and takes a lot of time. Feel free to browse all of our various categories and find the piece or pieces, that will fulfill your wishes. Check our "Ready To Ship" section for a large variety of pieces that are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.

The new silicone dispensing equipment has arrived and is proving to be a great addition to our production line. It allows us to more efficiently fabricate our silicone products. Hooray!!!!!


We are currently running about 14 to 21 days order turnaround time depending on the size of your order, as the new year and ecomomy are performing well. We will begin releasing more new products soon, which should also include our new double balloon nozzle.

We would request, for those of you who have been waiting for an extended period of time, rather than open a PayPal inquiry or dispute, that you call or email us first. It is a very time-consuming process that interrupts the processing flow of your order and in some cases will cause your order to be cancelled by PayPal, not us, and we deeply regret that happening. We will provide you with the merchandise you ordered as quickly as we possibly can.  We answer voicemails, and emails, as time permits. Our staff is dedicated to the production and delivery of your merchandise and we are working towards a more streamlined fabrication process for the future which should correct our backlog issues. We know you all love our products and we love making them for you so please remain patient and we will get this issue resolved soon. We have big plans with many exciting, new products on the horizon. 


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Everyone paying with PayPal, please double check your shipping address to make sure it is correct. We have been receiving a lot of incorrect old shipping addresses that are still connected to your accounts, and we don't have any way of knowing it is not the correct address. When our system downloads your information from PayPal it does not give us your billing address or new address changes, it only downloads the current shipping address that you may have forgotten to update, so be sure to go into PayPal, delete your old shipping address and make your new address the default shipping address. Again, be sure to delete your old shipping address from PayPal and/or eBay account if you have an account with them as well. It's a nightmare to deal with this issue and really messes up shipping for both of us. If you discover or think we might have your incorrect shipping address please send us an email with the correct address and we will check it and update it if necessary. Thank you for your help, Bob.




Nozzle / Colon Tube Drying & Storage Hangers



 Our Latest Addition - In Stock Ready To Ship


Also check out the "New Releases" product group for our latest offerings. 


 Our triangle evaluation set continues to be a great tool in giving you the ability to sample and test our silicone quality and softness options at an economical value. Click on the photo to go directly to the listing page and get your set today.

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    Model Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone Nozzle SSND-JWW4.1 12.25mm Short Stretching Silicone Sound 9mm to 14.5mm JWW7
    Model Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone NozzleSSND-JWW4.1 12.25mm Short Stretching Silicone SoundSSND-JWW7 14.5mm 43.5 Fr Short Stretching Silicone Sound

    We have had many requests for a larger model Y and we now have a brand new 2’’ ball diameter nozzle. We hope that this new size will be much more enjoyable for everyone. This great new nozzle starts with a tip diameter of...

    Starting at:

     Starting at:





    7-14mm DOUBLE EXPANSION Urethral Chastity Silicone Insert, Urethral Chastity Sound, Chastity Cage Insert
    SSND 7-14mm Double Expansion Urethral SoundSSND-Dimpled 5-9.5mm (15-28.5 French) 4.25” Contoured Insert

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    Short Contoured Urethral Silicone Insert Starting at: