EZ-EM Large Volume Enema Bag Kit
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3 Liter Screw Cap Enema Bag Kit - In Heavy Duty Vinyl

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This is our own 3 Liter, or 3.2 quart capacity Enema Kit. Uniquely designed in several different ways than most of the other vinyl bag kits on the current market. The heavy duty vinyl is totally smooth on the outside and micro diamond textured on the inside to allow for proper cleaning and drying. The over sized screw top cap has a slight funnel design for ease of filling and the large diameter 5/16" I.D. vinyl tubing is 7 feet long to allow for extra freedom of movement. The kit also has a pre-attached soft and flexible white vinyl round tapered tip for easy insertion. It is not pre lubed so you have the option of your lubricating preference. It will stand up to water, oil and silicone based lubes. The tip can also be permanently removed to allow attachment of any custom nozzles you might already have in your collection and/or any of our silicone nozzles or colon tubes. The kit is complete with a larger clip style flow regulator clamp that can also be removed after removing the tip and replaced with the clamp of your choosing. Using our high quality silicone tubing and 5/16" barbed connector you can also extend the overall length of the tubing for your specific needs. These bags are very versatile and easy to use or convert to your own special needs. They also make a great large volume kit for traveling. The bag, tubing and attached tip are extra heavy duty including the two round bag hanger openings on each side at the top corners. You can see in the photos the filled bag does not cause them to stretch or sag.  

With proper use, cleaning and storage these bags should last for several years. I would consider them the ultimate upgrade from the EZ-EM bags we have offered over the years and continue to offer for those of you who have a long successful history with them. They have personally been my favorite. This new kit has passed all our tests with a huge thumbs up and we are anxiously awaiting your feedback on them.

We have updated the custom bag hangers we developed for these bag and one will be included with every order. Sorry there is no color selection as we are using a new method of manufacturing for these and we make out of the colors we have on hand. I think you will like them.

I believe these kits will prove to be an exceptional acquisition for you newbies and/or addition to those seasoned practitioners. Enjoy!

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